FURTHER support FOR my child

Ensuring baysgarth is accessible...

There is a SEND base for the Personalised Learning team. Students who have learning or physical difficulties may be withdrawn from some mainstream lessons to work here, receiving personalised 1 to 1 or small group intervention. The base consists of Discover group classrooms, an open plan suite- equipped with a Smart Board, and computers- and a sensory room. 

The school can also support students with technological aids such as laptops, computers, and specialist software. 

Timetabling and classroom layout are considered sensitively and reasonable adjustments are made to facilitate students with disabilities. 

The school is fully accessible for wheelchair and mobility difficulties and student needs are assessed on entry to the school. If needed students can have access to the school lift to enable them to be taught on all floors of the building. 

All floors have accessible toilets for students needing space and privacy. The school also has a hygiene room, which is fully equipped with accessible toilet, shower facilities, bed and hoist. All PE changing facilities also have accessible toilets, changing facilities and showers. 

In the group I get extra support when I am struggling with my work or emotions. 

- a student at Baysgarth

Mrs Pettitt is helping me get a GCSE , I didn’t think I could do but she believes in me and helps me lots so now I know I will get it. 

- a student at Baysgarth

what other specialist services does the school use to support my child?

The SEND team works closely with external providers and services, such as LA support services, Educational Psychology service and other agencies including the NHS and Social Care. Some of the services we liaise with regularly include:

ASET (Autism Spectrum Team) 

Behaviour Support Team 

Educational Psychology 

CAMHS (Child, Adolescent and Mental Health Service) 

ESHV (Education Support Service for Hearing and Visual Impairment) 

Occupational Therapy 

Physical Disability Team 

SALT (Speech and Language Therapy) 

SENDIASS (Formerly Parent Partnership service) 

School Nursing 

TAMNET (Tuition and Medical Needs Team) 

Who can i contact if i want more information?

If you feel that we can offer help to your child, or that you have any queries or questions please contact the Personalised Learning faculty via the school's main office on 01652 632576. You can also contact key members of staff directly on the following email addresses: 

Emma Rice-Adams (SENCO/Associate Assistant Head) - emma.rice@baysgarthschool.co.uk 

Beth Empson (HLTA/SENSO Y7-8) – beth.empson@baysgarthschool.co.uk 

Louise Carter (SENSO- Y9-11) - louise.carter@baysgarthschool.co.uk 

Linda Pettitt (HLTA/SENSO T&L) – linda.pettitt@baysgarthschool.co.uk

Jo Graves (HLTA) – joanne.graves@baysgarthschool.co.uk 

Natasha Else (Senior LSA) - natasha.else@baysgarthschool.co.uk

Jessica Oxley (Senior LSA)- jessica.oxley@baysgarthschool.co.uk

Kathleen Walton (Senior LSA) kathleen.walton@baysgarthschool.co.uk

Sarah Rushby (Senior LSA) - sarah.rushby@baysgarthschool.co.uk

Jade Driscoll (Head of School) jade.driscoll@baysgarthschool.co.uk 

Heather Steven - (SEND Governors) – 01652 632576