Baysgarth School - Vision for SEND

To ensure that all students can achieve regardless of their background, special educational need or disability.

We take a holistic approach, offering both social/emotional and academic support, to meet a wide array of SEN needs. 

We aim to provide our SEN pupils with a nurturing environment - an environment in which they can also be prepared for a successful transition into adulthood. 

The LSAs help you when you get stuck in a lesson. If I have problems the staff have helped me to sort them out. If we have bullying issues the staff look after us and sort those out too. – a Baysgarth student

as a send team, we ensure that students: 

● Feel safe, secure and content within their learning experience, so that they are in the best position to access learning. 

● Achieve to the best of their ability by accessing appropriate support, differentiation and adaptation to enable them to do so. 

● Make good progress in their reading, spelling and numeracy ages to support them in accessing subjects across the curriculum.

● Engage in individual and group interventions as required, to achieve positive outcomes.

● Access additional support for SEMH needs, where needed, including building positive relationships with trusted adults and with peers.

● Increase resilience and independence across the school day, both in and out of lessons, preparing them for adult life 

We aim to: 

● Be SEND experts, fully trained to support all student needs. 

● Be a strong and supportive team, who are open, honest and share all knowledge. 

● Support all teachers to become excellent teachers of SEND. 

● Be confident in our approaches and the solutions we provide. 

● Act as student advocates, holding others to account without being judgemental. 

● Have robust identification processes and rigorous monitoring systems. 

● Have high aspirations for all of our students and ourselves, focusing on improving SEND student outcomes.