Meet the send Team

Working in Personalised Learning is the best! Every day is exciting and it’s a super fun environment to work in. We have an amazing team who all love working together.

  - a Personalised Learning staff member

Dr E Rice-Adams (SENCO) 

The SENCO ensures that the Special Educational Needs provision at Baysgarth School is both efficiently and effectively managed. This includes meeting all statutory requirements, with a focus on ensuring that SEND students achieve their potential. 

Mrs J Ward (Assistant SENCO)

The Assistant SENCO's role is to promote an inclusive curriculum. Managing curriculum development for SEN pupils and ensuring that those pupils consistently receive High Quality Teaching.  


The SENSO works with the SENCO to ensure that the SEN Code of Practice is met. This includes identifying and meeting the needs of EHCP and SEN Support pupils to ensure the best possible outcomes. The SENSO contributes to the day to day operational management of the SEND team, including the management and support of LSAs. 

Mrs B Empson (Y7-8)

Mrs L Carter (Y9-11)

Mrs L Pettitt (Teaching & Learning)

HLTA (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

HLTAs run the Year 7 and 8 Nurture Group as well as horticulture, Step up to Maths and Step up to English for Year 9, 10 and 11. These groups provide a nurturing environment for students, fostering both their academic skills and social/emotional development. 

Mrs B Empson 

Mrs L Pettitt 

Mrs D Humphries

Mrs A Durda

Senior LSA (Learning Support Assistant)

Senior LSAs take a leading role in the LSA team, modelling good practice, undertaking LSA training, ensuring effective home communication and supporting the SENSO with the day-to-day management of the SEN department.

Mrs N Else (Y7-8)

Miss J Oxley (Y7-8)

Mrs S Rushby (Y9-11)

Mrs K Walton (Teaching & Learning)

LSA (Learning Support Assistant)

LSAs assist in the provision of a differentiated curriculum, supporting pupils with SEND by ensuring the implementation of appropriate SEN strategies, under the general direction of the teacher. They provide SEND pupils with social, emotional and behavioural support. They also carry out targeted interventions with students.

Mrs L Stockdale Mrs K Walton Ms C Blanchard       Miss C Dawson            Miss R Sampson         Mrs A Durda                 Mrs B Metham Mr D Orchard              Mrs L Bowness         Miss J Oxley Mrs D Humphries Miss K Martin
Mrs R Berry                  Mrs S Hall                     Miss K Clarke 

Should you wish to contact a member of the SEND team please see the page 'Further Support For My Child'.