support that we offer

In Class

We believe that all teachers are teachers of students with special and additional needs. All teachers and support staff receive in-house training in identifying and supporting pupils who require an education offer that is additional to and different from the differentiated curriculum offered to all pupils. Teaching staff are supported by the SENCO in providing tailored support to students across the curriculum and are guided through the review process for students with special educational needs. Support staff also provide continuity and expertise in individual students. They provide support to students in class, in groups or on a one to one basis under the direction of the class teacher. 

A student with special and additional needs will have a Pupil Profile document, which sets out the needs of the child and appropriate strategies to support that child. This document will be updated regularly to support staff in how best to provide excellent personalised provision. This provides the staff and SENCo with relevant, up to date data and support for learning information. 

Discover Pathway

We offer bespoke pathways to students who require smaller classes and a more personalised curriculum. The Discover Group is a small, nurture style curriculum for students entering the school in Y7. Students receive a bespoke and personalised curriculum to meet specific learning needs, ensuring they continue to make progress and settle into school life. 

Pupils access smaller groups for English, maths, history and geography, ICE and SEMH lessons. There is an emphasis on supporting students to improve their English and maths skills, whilst also nurturing their social, SEMH and life skills. For the remaining subjects: science, art, drama, PE, DT, ICT & music, pupils are taught in mainstream groups, with access to additional support. Pupils may remain in the nurture group in year 8, or transition out into full mainstream classes earlier, if they are ready to do so. 

I like being in a smaller class because you get more help. It is also not as noisy. The teachers in the nurture group are really nice.         - a Baysgarth Student


We offer a wide range of bespoke intervention programmes for individual students requiring additional support. These are led by trained HLTAs/LSAs and take place for 6 week blocks. Students are assessed and monitored by the HLTAs and SENCo during the period of intervention and quality assurance is also monitored regularly. After the 6 week intervention; student progress is assessed and decisions are made with parents and pupils about future support. 

Examples of some intervention programmes offered: 


Fresh Start Phonics programme, ReadWrite Inc. 

Social Skills intervention 

ASD support 

Guided reading 

Zones of Regulation 

SEMH support/Drop ins 

Sensory room 

Step Up to Maths 

Step Up to English 

I like it better in Nurture class because it is less stressful and makes me want to come to school.

-a Baysgarth Student