Pearson btec level one 'introductory certificate in land-based studies'

This course is the Pearson BTEC level one 'Introductory Certificate in Land-based Studies.' BTEC qualifications are widely recognised and respected. They provide progression to the workplace either directly or via study at higher levels.

Students create a portfolio, which on competition will allow the student to gain the above qualification. There is no written exam. Students learn through an array of units, all broken down into individual assessments.

To start with, the students work on transferable skills through the two compulsory core units. On completion of the qualification, learners will have developed a set of transferable and sector skills that will benefit them, whatever their chosen progression route.

The two transferable skills units are :

Being Organised - students demonstrate how to use appropriate and effective techniques to improve their organisational skills.

Developing a Personal Progression Plan - all students develop their own personal progression plan, where they explore the skills and behaviours needed to meet the goals they've set. Students also attend a progression interview, using their developed oracy skills to discuss their next steps in learning.

With the benefit of our great, allocated allotment space, Dig It Allotment, we also cover the following units:

'Growing plants' - Students take cuttings and sow seeds to grow strong, young plants, learning how to successfully propagate and establish young plants.

'Preparing soil for planting' - Students develop skills in planning and managing information to prepare soil for planting. Learners carry out conditioning and cultivation of soil to prepare it for planting.

Using Workshop Tools in a Land-based Setting - Students develop skills in using and looking after workshop tools commonly found in a land-based setting.

I am extremely lucky to be working at this wonderful school. I absolutely love my job, I bet you are asking why? Well, I will tell you. One reason is because here at Baysgarth School, we are extremely lucky to have an allotment on the school site. Everyone will be able to see it and work on it.

- a Personalised Learning staff member